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Massage By Bobbilee

Massage By Bobbilee

also a

Certified Personal Trainer    

What Therapeutic Massage can do to help with some problems:

What Cuppng can also do during massages (2nd Page)

     After years sitting typing on a computer, I had Carpal Tunnel in both hands. It became very painful to move my fingers. Bobbilee worked on both arms and hands in a two hour session and now fingers are working fine. It was instant relief. This was about 6 months ago and I am still fine. 

After years of suffering from back pain and having various chiropractors make my back pain much worse, I thankfully found Bobbilee in my office building! After just one visit with her, I could definitely notice the reduction of pain in my back. I continue to see her a few times a month and she has been doing the deep tissue massage. I will attest to say that her hands are miracle hands. I now get out of bed without pain, I can finally touch my toes without pain and my days are no longer filled with chronic back pain. She has also been working on my shins to alleviate my foot pain, which I've had for years. I can now walk and run without foot pain. I saw a podiatrist for years, had my foot wrapped, and had many cortisone shots and they never solved the problem. Bobbilee knew exactly what was causing my foot pain and proceeded to the shin area to fix it. I truly cannot believe how much better I already feel. I am so incredibly thankful I found her. Thanks Bobbilee for helping me.  

- A Very Satisfied Client - Bev

I've been going to Bobbilee for a while for therapeutic massage on my neck and back. One day I woke up with sharp pain in my wrist and it lasted a week. I was sure I sprained it. During my regularly scheduled session with Bobbilee I told her about my wrist, thinking I would need to see an orthopedic doctor. She explained it may just be muscle tightness in my arm. She worked on my forearm that entire session (working out all the knots) and after 2 more sessions I was completely pain free. Bobbilee is very knowledgeable and always gives helpful tips and exercises to do between sessions. I will never go anywhere else for deep tissue massage! She is the best!


If you have Any questions or like to make an appointment.

Please Call.


Clinical Massage has been known to help:

--Tension Headaches --Migraines

--Carpal Tunnel Syndrome --Plantar Fasciitis

--Range of Motion --Leg Cramps

--Restless Leg Syndrome --Insomnia

--Myofascial Pain --Sports Injuries

--TMJ --Tennis Elbow --Golfer Elbow

--Fibromyalgia --Neck --Shoulders

--Lower Back Pain


-Much, -Much -More 

Clinical Massage Helps A LOT More Than people realize it does.

--We have over 200 Bones in the body.--

--We have over 600 Muscles in the body.--

If there is pain in your body. It is 3 Times the chance of it being

a Muscle over a Bone

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. 

There's much more to come!